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original design saddle blankett


The Wildflower Ranch ~ "Wild Ride" Saddle Blankets

After more than a decade of creating original, show stopping, designs in my hand-woven cinches and breast collars, moving to unique saddle blanket designs came naturally. My deep connection and love of all nature are key inspirations in my designs.

The Wildflower Ranch, “Wild Ride” Saddle Blankets are my own unique designs brought to life by the hands and spirits of a family of artisans whose weaving techniques have been proven over centuries. Each blanket is individually handwoven with 100% Merino Wool and will form to your horse’s shape unlike wool blend fiber. This creates a blanket that is not only beautiful but also adds comfort, function and durability for horse and rider. My saddle blankets run a panorama of colors, from the elegance of the "Asheville" design with its’ soft pink and grays to the bold blend of fiery colors in "Fireball Whiskey".

Wild Ride Saddle Blankets will shine in the Show Ring, the Ranch and on the Trail.

 My saddle blankets are for those who understand quality, hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit … for the MAVERICKS, the true hearted who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd and walk their own path.

The Wildflower Ranch celebrates YOU!

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