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The Goddess - Necklace

The Goddess - Necklace

The world of vintage and antique jewelry is a treasure of history and craftsmanship.

The Goddess Necklace center pendant is another piece found at auction many years ago. The pendant is an intricate work of filigree that makes a bold statement on its geometric base. It was sold as sterling silver from a reputable source and has 2 markings that are unreadable to my eye. It is unique and clearly vintage if not older. I named the piece “The Goddess” because the intricate design was feminine and yet bold and with what looks like the sun in the center of the design … it’s something a goddess would wear.

This center piece was sold as a broach that may sit in a box these days. What I have done with it is to repurpose the broach and use it as a pendant. I added African Turquoise nuggets and round beads with tiny sterling silver beads between each turquoise element.

The result is a unique blend of old and new where the history and beauty of the past meets today’s cowboy.

When you put this on it will remind you that YOU are a Goddess.

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