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Cordeo / Neck Rope, adjustable

Cordeo / Neck Rope, adjustable

A Cordeo or neck rope is a simple tool used to teach the principle of “less is more” and how to communicate with your horse without constant pressure. It allows your horse to learn body cues with the lightness of the Cordeo and creates a trusting bond. Decoration can be added for an elegant look for photos and show.

We make hand twisted premium cotton Cordeos in various sizes and colors as well as adjustable with or without leather poppers. As they are completed they will be in the shop so check every so often and see what’s new!

This Cordeo is hand-dyed black. A Leather popper was added. The adjustment slide is leather and is laced with deerskin.

Total length 8’ 6” with a diameter of 5/8”.

It has a nice feel in your hand.

All of my products are shipped free in the continental United States!!

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