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 60” Cordeo (Neck Rope) Mohair

60” Cordeo (Neck Rope) Mohair

A Cordeo or neck rope is a simple tool used to teach you the principle of “less is more” and how to communicate without constant pressure. It allows your horse to learn body cues creating a trusting bond between your horse and you. In this style of bridleless training the horse cannot be forced to perform, rather it allows your horse to be confident that it will not be hurt. It teaches the rider to LISTEN.

It is used low on the neck in a light rhythmic manor.

The Mohair used in this Cordeo (aka Neck Rope) is100% mohair, grown and process by a small farm in the USA. This Cordeo is decorated with leather and hand made beads in a rustic yet elegant fashion.


    $60.00 Precio
    $54.00Precio de oferta
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