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HITCHED Horse Hair Bracelet

HITCHED Horse Hair Bracelet

Hitched horsehair is a collectable folk art form that requires focus and attention to detail for long periods of time. Often referred to as “cowboy knitting” each hitched piece is created by hand by knitting the hairs without the benefit of any special tools.

“In the western United States, the history of hitching is intertwined with the history of territorial and modern day prisons. It was the first hobby at Montana State Prison, dating back to the territorial prison in Deer Lodge. Charlie Russell, the famous western artist, wrote about men down at Deer Lodge “twistin hairs”. Other commonly known prisons for horsehair were located at Yuma and Florence Arizona; Rawlins, Wyoming; and Walla Walla, Washington.”

A lot of preparation time goes into each piece and an experienced craftsman puts many hours into a completed bracelet or barrette. Earrings take even more time and the process cannot be rushed. Our hitched accessories are one of a kind pieces that should be cherished for many years to come.

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