WHY Mohair?


“From the mountain tops of Mongolia and the plains of Argentina, the rolling hills of Scotland and the western ranges of America, hair based cinches have been used for centuries. They were made from wool, mohair, camel hair, horse hair and even human hair.”

Mohair is a natural, animal fiber from the Angora Goat that does no harm to the animal when harvested. Mohair is known as the diamond fiber for it's luster and is the strongest of natural fibers. It is exceptionally soft, breathable and may be worn by sensitive horses that tend to chafe or are allergic to synthetic or non-breathable materials.  It  wicks sweat away from the horse and out into the air keeping your horse dry which can prevent bacterial growth and common skin issues. Mohair fiber gives, yet has little to no stretch, this charateristic allows your horse to fully expand its chest with each breath. This action is not only better for your horse's health and bloodflow but also increases performance. Mohair breast collars allow more free movement of the horse than leather during strenuous sports like jumping, endurance or barrel racing. Mohair tack can and should be cleaned and if cared for will last many years. 

In the 1960’s, synthetic saddle pads, cinches and other synthetic tack began influencing the market promoted on the basis of easier care for the human. They were certainly cheaper, but also phased out the hands of individual craftsman, the farmers raising the angora goats and the spinners who spun the mohair into beautiful mohair cord. These profits now began to fill the pockets of large corporations. 

The natural horsemanship movement has many realizing the need to look at our tack in a new light. This rise in consciousness began a return of craftsmanship, the art of the new and colorful cinch designs, and the return of profits to the people. Personal service, quality and a sustainable circle from farmer to spinner to local craftsman to independent business ... reclaiming a piece of the corporate machine. Mohair tack isn't just pretty ... it's ABOUT THE HORSE!


Yes, these handcrafted 100% mohair cinches and breat collars are certainly more expensive but their value is PRICELESS.


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