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The focal element of this necklace was was found at auction. It is an antique, Navajo made circa 1920-1930’s. I found it as a brooch and repurposed into a pendant. It features a large GEM grade, blue gem turquoise with a fantastic waterweb matrix. The stone is polished to a very high gloss shine because the stone’s density is so high.

The vintage, sterling Silver beads are handmade Native American. The beads are gorgeous and have a great patina. Their beauty is subtle and a perfect complement to enhance the pendant. They include round, faceted, and beautiful disc spacers beads. These beads were a separate find from the pendant and repurposed to create this piece. The round turquoise beads are African turquoise. It measures 20”

The elements in this piece are all rare finds and there is a timeless energy to it … and so I call it “Spirit”.


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