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“Peace” Blend Natural Bath Mineral Salts ~ Gift Set

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Bring Peace to your senses with this invigorating salt blend! With the additives we have included our Peace Bath Salts, this blend is great for those who suffer from any sort of respiratory congestion and body aches, including aches with the common cold or flu. As an added benefit, your skin will feel extra soft and ready for bed upon exiting the tub.

This set includes 18oz of mineral salts individually packaged to easy measuring, 4oz of Beeswax lotion (a little goes a long way!), a sisal soap bag and a small candle all packaged into a great little reusable mini horse bucket!

None of the salts inside our blends have been refined, bleached or otherwise altered.

Ingredient List: Hand blended

None of the salts inside our blends have been refined, bleached or otherwise altered.

* Dead Sea Salt – Contains the following minerals:

  • Sodium chloride (assists with lymphatic fluid balance)
  • Magnesium (combats stress by slowing the nervous system)
  • Potassium (energizes the body and balances skin moisture)
  • Calcium chloride (increases circulation and prevents water retention)
  • Bromides (eases muscle stiffness)

* Epsom Salt – provides soothing relief from minor arthritic pain, and reduce stiffness and soreness of the joints while deeply cleaning the pores of your skin.

* Pacific Sea Salt – an invigorating and very effective exfoliant, polishing your skin to glowing!

* Utah Salt, Unrefined – contains a high amount of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients that assist with skin toning, as well as relaxing sore muscles.

* Himalayan Pink Salt – contain ancient minerals and nutrients, that further assist toning, and deep pore cleansing. This salt also adds stunning eye appeal!

* Dendritic Salt – we add this type of salt so that the scent is retained and held longer inside the product, lending a stronger shelf life for scent value.

* Celtic Sea Salt -these add a unique color and design which have been created by nature.

^ Colloidal Oatmeal – Everyone knows of the skin healing benefits of oatmeal. This version simply disperses through the water with ease, creating an instant oatmeal effect.

^ Coconut Powder – With a naturally high fat content, buttermilk soothes the skin and provides a super rich, skin loving experience that will stay with you throughout the day.

* Jojoba Beads – A solid version of jojoba, pressed into very small beads. They melt quickly and disperse through the tub as an invisible layer of skin-oh-so-soft!

* Bentonite Clay – Holds skin softening and exfoliating properties as it draws impurities and toxins from the body.

^ Coconut & Evaporated Cain Sugars – Both are an organic, unrefined sugar that is coarse to fine grain in size – they are a sweet, skin softening additive that melts slowly – giving a long lasting bath.

* Allantoin Powder – From comfrey. Promotes all over healthy skin as it assists with healing minor scrapes, and cuts, then it stimulates the growth of healthy tissue.

* Panthenol DL – Or otherwise known as vitamin B5, this is another skin softening agent, designed to hold moisture to the skin, even after leaving the tub.

^ Chamomile Powder – Soothing and relaxing as well as cleansing. We add chamomile to help reach inner peace.

^ Lavender Powder – Very similar to chamomile, lavender is known for its skin healing benefits as well as its calming attributes to overall mood.

* Essential Oil Blend – Wintergreen, spearmint, ^ cinnamon, ^ tea tree, and camphor.

(^) denotes a certified organic ingredient. This formulation contains 75% certified organic ingredients. All other ingredients are natural and contain no chemicals.


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