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The gorgeous, 100% silk Jacquard wild rags are a nice medium weight silk which offers warmth and comfort whenever you wear them. The Jacquards are among our most popular of the classic Cowboy Rags . The Paisley patterns in the jacquard are woven with colored thread and black thread to create a beautiful “3-D” effect unlike many of the other jacquards that are one color with a pattern woven in the fabric. The jacquards come in black, mahogany, and my personal favorite, brilliant royal blue.

The black and white floral print rag is a medium weight silk just perfect for any weather.

All of the other prints are heavy weight, 16mm, silk charmeuse with an absolutely luxurious feel on your skin!

My Silk Rags are sewn by my neighbor and longtime local resident, Liz Colvin, and not in a factory in LA or China keeping money in the community.

To clean simply use a mild soap, rinse in cool water & hang to dry.

1. 36″ x 36″
2. the yellow white floral is 28″ x 28″ ($22 less)


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