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The gorgeous, 100% silk Jacquard wild rags are a nice medium weight silk which offers warmth and comfort whenever you wear them. The Jacquards are among our most popular of the classic Cowboy Rags . The Paisley patterns in the jacquard are woven with colored thread and black thread to create a beautiful “3-D” effect unlike many of the other jacquards that are one color with a pattern woven in the fabric. The jacquards come in black, mahogany, and my personal favorite, brilliant royal blue. 36″ x 36″

To clean your Silk Wild Rag simply use cool water and mild soap in the sink and gently agitate. Rinse thoroughly and hang over a towel rack to dry. NO NEED TO DRY CLEAN. I’m pretty sure the cowboys a hundred years ago just rinsed them in the stream!


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