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Named after the horse it was originally designed for, “Apollo”, the god of light, healing and masculine beauty. This beautiful 27 strand roper cinch is custom dyed for a “denim” rustic look that cowboys love. This is no ordinary roper cinch … it has originality & moxie! Mohair is a Natural, Animal Fiber from the Angora Goat that does no harm to the animal when harvested. It has a beautiful sheen and is the strongest of natural fibers. It is flame resistant, very durable, hand washable, stretch-resistant, soil resistant and wicks moisture away from the horse and into the air keeping the horse dry and preventing many common skin issues.

It is also exceptionally soft, breathable and may be worn by sensitive horses that tend to chafe or are allergic to synthetic or non-breathing materials.

It has a keeper woven in to keep it all together and a double thickness to tame even your wildest pony!

Manufacturer: The Wildflower Ranch


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