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Custom Breast Collar and Cinch Set ~ “Smoke’s Ride”

Custom Breast Collar and Cinch Set ~ “Smoke’s Ride”

This 100% mohair Breast Collar and Cinch Set includes handmade Tugs. It is customer pick for the year. The earthy colors and the bit of illusion to the design make it a popular set. Ordering a set is a great price break!


  • Custom orders

    Some of my mohair cinches and breast Collars will be ready to ship in the shop, most of my pieces are done by custom order. If you are interested in a specific design you can reserve a spot in my line up by ordering the design for a $5 fee. When I am ready to start your order the balance will be invoiced. This will benefit both the customer and me by keeping everything organized and running smoothly. 


    This puts less pressure on you the customer because you are not putting out a large amount of money and waiting and it is less pressure for me having 20 or 30 orders in front of me for which I cannot give specific completion dates. This method also allows me to spend more time on creating and on new ideas for my customers. Its also allows me more family time and “me” time. It’s a win- win! 


    If you are looking for a custom piece and need it quickly please let me know, if I can do it I will tell you, if not I have an amazing craftsman, mentor who may be able to do it for you!

This is a custom order and will take aproximately 3-6 weeks lead time. If I believe it will take longer I will let you know ASAP.
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