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If this piece is out of stock I can recreate it, of course it will not be a duplicate but a personal one of a kind of the same design.

Lead time required Aprox 3 weeks.

SHAMAN’S DAWN, Lariat Style Necklace.

The Sun Spiral symbol comes from the petroglyphs of the Anasazi people. In many shamanic traditions the Sun is seen as the "first shaman" or "first healer" of the people.

The spiral depicts the natural rhythms and movements of life. This symbol embodies the healing power that is constantly radiated from the cosmos around us and helps us return to the natural rhythm of the spiral so that we can fall back into healthy harmony.

The earthy elements I used in this piece are handmade, rolled rusted iron pendant, hand carved bone beads, elk horn, waxed Irish linen with 3mm black leather cord and 2mm brown leather cord.

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