Buckle Guards

Ride in comfort and style!

Finally, in traditional California, buckaroo style ... handmade Cinch Buckle Guards, (also know as cinch Buckle Safes or Cinch Buckle Covers) for your Mohair Cinches that are beautiful, comfortable for your horse, and reasonably priced.

These hand crafted buckle guards come in a rainbow of color choices:

Natural, saddle tan, mahogany, buckskin, golden oak, chestnut, dark brown, golden brown, black, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange and pink!

You can customize you order and add some detail to complement you saddle tooling, too! If that interests you (and I know it does...) shop “Buckle Guards~ custom tooling” and send a clear close up of you saddle tooling with you order.

These are beautifully handmade pieces by a woman who knows what she is doing! The work is quality keeping the comfort of your horse in mind.

These buckle guards are made exclusively for The Wildflower Ranch by Cole’s Custom Leather. Saddle skirt leather for the back, 8 oz leather on the front, deer skin on the lining, latigo saddle string, slotted leather concho.

These are top of the line craftsmanship. Not only do they look amazing but function to distribute the buckle pressure evenly on your horse giving both horse and rider a more comfortable ride. That’s right ~ the more comfortable your horse is the more safe you are!

Check out Jan Cole under “Women in Business” page to see all of her beautiful, custom leather products.

Lead time on these custom Buckle Guards (buckle safes) is approximately 10-14 days or less. I can’t seem to keep enough of them in stock!