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The Wildflower Ranch ~ Body and Soul Bath Collection

You know the routine, it’s part of the passion, it’s a lifestyle; it’s not a chore, it’s a choice.

We wake up early, throw on a pair of jeans and a hat, tie our messy hair back and start the day. Our families are nurtured and at the end of the day our horses are worked and groomed and fed and watered and we smile with satisfaction at a job well done, but our bodies are tired and bruised. Our skin is exposed to the elements, elements that make our spirits whole, nature is invigorating, but those same elements take toll on our skin.

Now it’s your turn … kick off the boots, let your hair down and do a little dance while you peel off your dirty jeans and as the hay falls on the bathroom floor (you know what I’m talking about!) … light a candle and slide on into a warm bath of rich antioxidants designed to cleanse, tone and balance your skin and soothe your muscles.

Rejuvenate your body and soul with organic ingredients from The Wildflower Ranch. You want this; we know you do!

Our new Body and Soul Collection of natural and organic bath salt minerals will heal, soothe and protect that hardworking, sexy body. It’s not about the “perfect” image, we don’t run with the crowd, it’s a lifestyle that makes us sexy; it’s confidence, hard work and passion and we know it! No chemicals, no additives just pure earth.

Baths salts in four special blends with a specific balance of mineral and oils to heal your achy-breaky muscles and soothe your soul. No chemicals, just pure nature. Let your mind drift wherever it goes …

After the mineral bath takes away the aches of the day, nourish your skin in beeswax lotion … be ready to greet the day tomorrow.

Life is good ~ love yourself!

The Wildflower Ranch Body & Soul Collection of bath products is all about you!

Live the life you choose … choose the life you love.

Lynn, XOXO

Our Mission is to Inspire!