View Cinch Buckle guards, keeping with Californio traditions

Finally, keeping in traditional Californio, buckaroo style ... handmade cinch buckle safes (aka buckle guards or buckles covers) for your cinch that are beautiful, comfortable for your horse & AFFORDABLE!

Choose from a rainbow of colos: Natural, saddle tan, mahogany, buckskin, golden oak, chestnut, dark brown, golden brown, black, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange and pink! If you are interested in tooling that can be done.

These are beautifully handmade pieces by a woman who knows what she is doing! The work is quality keeping the comfort of your horse in mind. Saddle skirt leather for the back, 8 oz leather on the front, deer skin on the lining, latigo saddle string, spotted slotted leather concho. No sheepskin or synthetic “sheep skin” that gathers stickers. These are top of the line craftsmanship.

The price for these handmade safes is $60 a set (Similar handmade safes are selling for $200)

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