The Wild Rag By Lynn Hollywood
By Nowinna Pacaldo


If you have never used a wild rag while riding or working outside, well, you just don’t know what you are missing! I don’t of know of anything else that has more practical uses then turns into your best fashion statement for a night on the town! I won’t leave the house when I’m with the horses or working outside without my silk rag. In the summer it keeps the sweat out of my eyes all day and in the high desert winters my neck is free from chill.

Wet it and wrap it around your neck to keep cool while working. If your rigging breaks when you are out on trail a wild rag will hold your saddle on with no problem. It also makes a great tourniquet for man or beast. Silk is strong, absorbent, dries quickly and I find new uses for mine everyday. No authentic cowboy rides without one! The Wild Rags at The Wildflower Ranch are sewn by my neighbor and longtime, local resident keeping money out of corporate pockets and in the hands of the people.

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