The Art of the Heart in Business



I have worked for myself for most of my life. Just over a year ago I decided to take a huge leap of faith and move my little family for a simpler, quieter life away from it all. I have been passionate about animals and nature from birth and they have always been my place of comfort and peace. For me to be successful in business coming from a place of authenticity is considerable. Animals have been the center of my business for decades and although I am educated and knowledgeable, it was the love that made my business successful. I have to believe in what I do.

As I have grown older (and much wiser) I realize less is more in so many areas of life. I believe that Mohair Cinches are the best for our horses; I also believe they are better for creating community. Perhaps taking a step back a hundred years or so may not be such a bad idea, in many respects. People cared about their neighbors, offered a hand, played together and prayed together. Families were bigger because lines were not drawn in blood … but in life. Money stayed in communities and not in the pockets of big businesses that didn’t care how they made it, only that they made a lot of it; their employees are their vehicles not the heart of the company.

My blueprint for The Wildflower Ranch was not just a way to make money but to bring community together; to be of service to horses and their people to bring light to local small business. My purpose is to create a chain of community by creating an excellent product.

My cinches are hand crafted with love and in the spirit of kindness. I create cinches that are as unique as the individuals who orders them. My mohair is hand dyed and woven into functional art. I pay attention to the detail of every cinch I create. Animals have been my lifetime passion … they matter to me … you matter to me. My silk Wild Rags are not sewn in a factory out of the country or in a Los Angeles factory, they are sewn by my neighbor and longtime local resident. She is paid fairly. My costs may be a bit higher than a factory made cinch that claims to be "100% Mohair", but my philosophy remains intact. I remain authentic.

My cinches are not just a hobby. I am a business woman, a mother and the care-taker of a 5 acre ranch and my herd of animals. Making cinches is how I make my living and how I give back to community. I take great pride in each piece I create, whether elaborate or simple. If I based my prices solely on an hourly wage many would be near impossible to sell. I also provide a valuable service for the horse industry; for the majestic beauties of whom we ask so much.

If your only goal is to find a cinch that is cheap or inexpensive, I am not the craftsman for you. I am OK with that; if you are set on using neoprene, I understand. If one day you change your mind, I am not going anywhere … I’m in this for the long haul.

Yes, these handcrafted 100% mohair cinches are certainly more expensive than factory “hand-made” cinches but their value is priceless.

The Wildflower Ranch promotes independent small business to reconnect people back to their communities to keep profits in the hands of the people. Personal service, quality and a sustainable circle from farmer to spinner to local craftsman and independent business ... reclaiming a piece of the corporate machine.


Reach deep, find what keeps the heart in your art and fly with it!

The Wildflower Ranch

Animals build bridges ~ bridges change lives.

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