OCT - 18 - 2016

If you are a horse person ... Or even just a person, lol, and cannot appreciate what goes into the hand craftsmanship of a custom horse cinch .. I invite you to stop by someday while I work. My Cinches are made from deep love on many accounts. In the spirit of kindness & support of people, community & the lives & comfort of the horses we love. Each piece I create matters to me. Each client matters to me. No one has complained about my prices but should the thought cross your mind ... If you are willing to put $75-100 into a factory made, man made NEOPRENE product that serves Monsanto & fills only the pockets of BIG BUSINESS & is not in the best interest of your animal or you .. Well then, so be it. If you buy one of my Cinches for $160-200 you also get some positive energy with it!