DEC - 30 - 2017

Whether you are using a mohair cinch or any other type of cinch, here is a little piece of information that I’ll bet you’ve never been told: Most people keep their cinch attached to the saddle and never switch sides! I always recommend turning your Cinch after every ride. The best way I can explain is this; you rotate your tires because it keeps an even pull on the tread. Well, it’s the same for your Cinch. We tend to have a pattern of use as we ride our horses. For instance, we ride a common trail and that trail may have more right turns than left turns, or we use the arena and we generally go around one way more than the other way. If you turn your cinch from offside to latigo side you keep your Cinch in better condition and are less likely to cause irritation to your horse! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HORSE!! This video is another example of why MOHAIR is great!