The Cinch that stole Christmas By Lynn Hollywood
By Mark Aying


Good morning! CHRISTMAS shopping time. Don't forget I have gift certificates in increments of $25 and up. A cinch can be made any color any design and a gift certificate allows your loved one to choose exactly what they want.

The MAGIC of Christmas By Lynn Hollywood
By Norelie Madarimot


It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 2 years now that I have had my beautiful Arabian, Magic. He is the sweetest boy, and a bossy little 14.2 gelding. When I decided to get a second horse my appendix mare, Aphrodite, had been alone for nearly 4 years. She had neighbor horses, but I knew she always longed for a herd of her own. I had heard from a friend about an Arabian breeder who was having difficulty due to medical and financial reasons and was looking to find homes for many of her horses. My friend told me that there were a couple of them there that would be awesome for my son, Joseph, who was nine at the time. Shortly there after I brought home a beautiful bay Arabian. His name wa...

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