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The process of creating for a craftsman, an artisan, is a journey. For me personally, it is a way of grounding and a melding of life triumphs, struggles and tragedies redirected to create order and grace and to replace chaos with the electricity of free spirit. It is a sense of independence while living in a interdependent world.

 Every piece of art from The Wildflower Ranch is made, not produced. For the customer this means a connection of people, of spirits and the magic of their imaginations. Each piece uniquely stamped by the hand of the craftsman in a way that cannot be replicated. Handmade creates community; it is respect for the past and hope for the future. It is a lifestyle that embraces passion, nature and artistry while living in the world of fast and easy and instant gratification.

Handmade is a small carbon footprint and is sustainable and resourceful. It puts more money in the hands of people and less in the pockets of big corporations. There is something exciting about waiting for a piece handcrafted uniquely for yourself or a loved one, an item untouched by the cold steel of machinery and mass production. A step back to a gentler time, a time we have only read about in books or a knowing that you feel in your bones.

Our customers embrace community and that is what we are about. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

XOXO, Lynn

“When I met Lynn almost 30 years ago I was immediately struck by her energy and sense of humor. This woman lives knowing that nothing is impossible. If she can imagine it, she finds a way to achieve it, whatever it may be. Her innate creativity not only feeds her soul, but benefits others as well. Lynn is a powerful, wise, gentle warrior with a gift of creativity she is compelled to share.

Spending time with Lynn and her family and herd on her ranch has been an amazing experience. The high desert is spectacular and an endless source of inspiration. It’s a pleasure watching Lynn’s process from inspiration to design to implementation. She has a keen instinct for creating colors, and often picks up design elements and custom dyed colors from the beauty and nature that surrounds her. Interestingly, her own photos reveal nuances in her works that fuel her designs even further. Lynn values family, friends, and all of nature’s creations and her life, and her work reflect her passion. The Wildflower Ranch line of functional art is an expression of Lynn’s desire to create luxurious, unique works for each and every client, made with love!”

Melissa L. King

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