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Heartland Wild Jewelry


“I am not a girl who will lay in diamonds but i will run through the flowers of the seeds we planted together”

From childhood I have felt a mystic connection to the earth. It was my mother who gave me the gift of love and connection with animals and they have remained my passion throughout my life.

Animals were not the only connection; I would spy the layers in a special agate rock, an animal bone, or horns and feel a draw and a need to hold it in my hands to feel the history. I never saw them as dead animals or rocks but as living spirits. Who were these animals, what did they see as they walked the land? How did the agate form? How many years were in each layer? Who were the people who walked the land when they formed? As I held them in my hands and felt the energy, it told a story and my mind would wander as a way of meditation or grounding.

Seed pods are another fascination to me. Each is unique in it’s intricate workings within nature, each it’s own strength and beauty. Wisteria seeds like heavy beans that pop from their twisting pods or the delicate nature of a jacaranda seed fluttering across the wind, taking the path of least resistance … the path that nature intended. I am in awe of the journey of flower that turns into a fruit … so effortlessly. The incredible beauty of the Passion Flower has been one of my most powerful truths that our universe has a single source to connect us together. Every energy flows into one.

My Heartland Wild Collection is dedicated to my mother, Jean. A connection of eras from her youth together with the present, creating one of a kind pieces. Her love of nature and animals will forever be my inspiration.

The Heartland Collection will be ever evolving to create unique jewelry with an earthy, cowgirl style!

-Lynn Anne Hollywood