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Our Mission is to Inspire!

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The Wildflower Ranch

Quality ~ Handmade ~ Community

Every piece of horse tack or accessory from The Wildflower Ranch is handmade.
For the customer this means a connection of people, of spirits and the magic of imagination.
Handmade creates community, it is respect for the past and hope for the future. It embraces passion, nature and artistry while living in the world of fast and easy and instant gratification. It is step back to a gentler time, a time we have only read about in books or a knowing that you feel in your bones. The Wildflower Ranch embraces family, community and hard work and invite you to join us. 



"Wild Ride" ~ Wool Saddle Blankets

 Handloomed, original designs, Saddle Blankets. inspired by nature and the beauty where the High Desert meets the mountains. 
Custom designs are available!


Ropes, Reins and Cordeos

Hand twisted Cotton ropes, Reins & Cordeos


Leather Accessories

Slobber Straps, Handmade Cinch buckle guards, Tug Sets, and our beautiful original design Feather Rein Attachments! We also make mohair and Leather belts. Our leather accessories are expertly crafted with premium leather. 

Silk Wild Rags

No Authentic Cowboy rides with one!

Our Wild Rags are 100% premium silk.

We can custom dye for you, too. 


From childhood I have felt a mystic connection to the earth. It was my mother who gave me the gift of love and connection with animals and they have remained my passion throughout my life.

My Heartland Collection will be ever evolving to create unique jewelry with an earthy, cowgirl style! Come along on this journey of spirit across layers of time.

Cowboy Folk Art

 Working with horsehair is a very time-consuming art form that involves creating intricate geometric

patterns using endless front and back half-hitches, often with a single strand of horsehair.

Hitched horsehair is known for its remarkable durability and can endure for generations. The Wildflower Ranch carries both Hitched and Braided pieces including Barrettes, bracelets, earrings and keychains. 

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