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The Wildflower Ranch

Quality ~ Handmade ~ Community

Every piece of horse tack or accessory from The Wildflower Ranch is handmade. For the customer this means a connection of people, of spirits and the magic of their imaginations.

Handmade creates community, it is respect for the past and hope for the future. It embraces passion, nature and artistry while living in the world of fast and easy and instant gratification. It is step back to a gentler time, a time we have only read about in books or a knowing that you feel in your bones. 

The Wildflower Ranch embraces family, community and hard work and invite you to join us. 



Buckaroo Gear

Mecatés, Ropes, Reins & Bosals. 
The Wildflower Ranch is excited to announce a new collection of handmade Buckaroo tack. Made in the U.S.A. by craftsmen with generations of experience. 
We will be adding more as we grow our fans for this beautiful traditional gear.


Twisted Cotton

Soft in the hand and beautifully balanced these hand twisted cotton ropes are a great asset to your collection.


Custom Mohair Tack

My handmade mohair tack is as unique as the customer who orders it! My original designs and hand dyed color may take a bit longer but my customers believe it is worth the wait. 


Silk Wild Rags

Our Wild Rags are 100% quality silk. We carry a line of original art Wild Rags from Artist Jamie Kalvastran that are worthy of framing but we want you to wear them!
No Authentic Cowboy rides with one!


Our Handloomed Saddle Blankets

Introducing our own handloomed, 100% wool, Saddle Blanket designs. My new designs are inspired by nature and the beauty where the High Desert meets the mountains. I work closely with talented, generational, craftsmen to bring my designs to life. 
Custom designs are available!


Yonder Horse Saddle Blankets

Handloomed 100% wool and the designs are striking and original. Their Oaxaca line of blankets are woven with the finest wool threads creating an intricate, tight, weave that lends even more durability. The dyes in the Oaxaca blankets are created from plants local to the area and are deep and rich. 


Leather Buckle Guards

Beautifully Handmade Cinch buckle guards add protection and comfort for your horse by distributing buckle pressure evenly and keeping the metal buckle from direct contact.


Achy-Breaky Bath Minerals

Therapeutic salts and clays in Four special blends with a specific balance of minerals and oils to heal your Achy-Breaky muscles and sooth your soul. No chemicals, just pure nature. 



Heartland Wild Jewelry

From childhood I have felt a mystic connection to the earth. It was my mother who gave me the gift of love and connection with animals and they have remained my passion throughout my life.

My Heartland Collection will be ever evolving to create unique jewelry with an earthy, cowgirl style! Come along on this journey of spirit across layers of time.


Wild at Heart

Handmade Artisan Handbags ~ The Wild at Heart Collection. This rustic style thoughtfully embraces the natural imperfections in the leather into the design.  Each handbag in the “Wild at Heart” Collection is uniquely designed using rustic, earthy elements, such as hand carved bone beads, elk horn and metal work from two of my favorite metal artisans.

Leather tugs

Handmade Leather Tugs

Handmade harness leather tugs sets include the down strap. Stainless steel or solid brass hardware and outstanding craftsmanship will give you a lifetime of use.

Mohair mecates

 Twisted Mohair

100% Mohair 6 strand ropes & reins for cow work, Barrel racing or day long trail rides these ropes are soft in the hands. Whatever your passion may be mohair is ready to work for you!

Riding skirt

Timeless … Coming Soon

I am working on a line of clothing that reaches back in history and brings it into modern day with a feminine flair and function for today’s  horsewoman. 
The first piece was inspired by my own desire to ride in something besides jeans! 

Stay tuned for our timeless collection … you won’t be disappointed.

Mohair belt_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Leather & Mohair Belts

A hand woven belt to match your show gear, your show blanket or just for your favorite pair of jeans. You decide color design and size with your custom order. 
JW hardware? Not a problem. Your gear your way!

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