Why Mohair

“From the mountain tops of Mongolia and the plains of Argentina, the rolling hills of Scotland and the western ranges of America, hair based cinches have been used for centuries. They were made from wool, mohair, camel hair, horse hair and even human hair.”

In the 1960’s, synthetic saddle pads, cinches and other synthetic tack began influencing the market promoted on the basis of easier care for the human. They were certainly cheaper, but also phased out the hands of individual craftsman, the farmers raising the angora goats and the spinners who spun the mohair into beautiful mohair cord. These profits now began to fill the pockets of companies like Monsanto.

The natural horsemanship movement has many realizing the need to look at our tack in a new light. This rise in consciousness began a return of craftsmanship, the art of the new and colorful cinch designs, and the return of profits to the people. Personal service, quality and a sustainable circle from farmer to spinner to local craftsman to independent business ... reclaiming a piece of the corporate machine.

Yes, these handcrafted 100% mohair cinches are certainly more expensive but their value is priceless. 


  • Natural, Animal Fiber  from the Angora Goat that does no harm to the animal when harvested

  • Luster (also known as diamond fiber) The strongest of natural fiber

  • Flame resistant

  • Very Durable

  • Washable

  • Stretch-resistant

  • Soil Resistant

  • Wicks moisture away from the horse and into the air keeping the horse dry and preventing many common skin issues

  • Exceptionally soft, breathable

  • May be worn by sensitive horses that tend to chafe or are allergic to synthetic or non-breathing materials

  • A custom cinch can be made to match a saddle or saddle pad

Our Cinches Are 100% Mohair

Many people have the "heard" that mohair cinches pinch. My cinches do not pinch or cause soring. Cinches that are hand made, by a knowledgeable craftsman, are strung to prevent these problems. Cinch making is an art!


Why Mohair

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