My Story

My Story

For the last few years I have had a sense of being unsettled; a magnetic pull drawing me in a new direction. My heart was ready, the path was clearing, and as with most change came a sense of fear. Fear has always been a motivation for me; a challenge to conquer and rise above.

Animals have always been my passion and for the past 3 decades I turned my passion into my livelihood working with small animals. Over time I became restless; the hours were relentless and the work unforgiving. At this point I had a young son to raise and an aging mother who needed more of my time. I wanted to get out of the confines of the city and into opened space where I could enjoy and breathe the peacefulness of the land. I was restless but where I would go next had not come to me.

One day while visiting the hills of Pearblossom California, as I stood in the midst of nothing ... and everything, a rush of emotion came over me and I knew. A visual of life went through my mind as I stood overlooking this beautiful land; a place to raise my son and to spend more time with my aging mother; a place to breath and create. I could see it like a movie out of time, riding through those hills with my son. From that moment I knew my path would lead me back. The details were not clear yet; it was not just a business that I wanted but to be of service, to reconnect. Something was missing It was time for a change.

While going on line to buy materials to make a cinch for Magic, my Arab, it came to me. I realized then that if I could see it in my mind I could hold it in my hand. It was that moment that the concept for The Wildflower Ranch was clear ... reconnection to earth and family traditions; reclaiming a small piece of the corporate machine.

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