From the Good Medicine Collection this set tells a story through Native American signs. This is a story of tragedy & healing.

All of my cinches are well thought out in design and color etc. This Cinch is extra special & tells a story. It was made for a woman who tragically & violently lost her daughter and has not ridden in many, many, years. She decided it was time & wanted something very special. She gave me creative license. I knew she loved Native American design & that the desert 🌵 was her home. Her horse was born on a full moon, & named Luna. It took me a while but here it is. Breast collar will be complete soon. The full moon ~ Luna The green arrow ~ Protection The center sun ~ Happiness White lines, rain ~ Constant Life, remind her that her daughter is always alive in her heart Broken Arrow ~ Peace The Bear Claw ~ Good Omen ~GOOD MEDICINE COLLECTION~

Custom buckle guards.

Just Ride!



Mohair Cinches / Breast collars. Custom Mohair Cinch designs custom dyed colors. All Mohair tack.

Look at this spectacular tooling! What an artist! This is done by the woman who is doing my Cinch buckle guards! Let me know if you are interested in her work & I’ll hook you up!

Double layer straight mohair cinch. It’s rich color & simple design give it elegance! Mohair Breast Collar can be made to match.

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